• Government of India Scholarships:

Students belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Nomadic and Unfree Castes and Tribes, Tribals, Other Backward Classes etc. get scholarships from the Government of India for higher education. The students have to fill the application for the said scholarship online. Two copies of it should be submitted to the college within the prescribed time with signatures of self and parents and one copy should be kept in the file.

Documents to be attached with Scholarship Application:

  • Previous Year Mark Sheet.
  • Income Certificate/ Form no. 16 (of previous year).
  • Caste certificate.
  • Non-Criminal Certificate (of current year).
  • (Passport Size)
  • Certificate from hostel head if staying in hostel.
  • Death certificate if father is not alive.
  • Gap certificate in case of academic gap.
  • Account at Bank of India Branch Sawarde.



  • The benefit of this scheme is for the students whose parents’ income or if neither parent is alive, the parents’ annual income is Rs. 100,000/- can be taken by the students.
  • Year in which application for fee waiver is to be made. The income of the previous financial year i.e. 1st April to 31st March is to be taken into account. The income must be mentioned in the income certificate in the prescribed format.
  • Rural student E. B. C. Apart from the application, the income certificate in the prescribed format has to be submitted with the signature and stamp of the Sarpanch.
  • Only those students whose mother, father, guardian’s place of residence is within the state of Maharashtra can get this concession only in government recognized educational institution of Maharashtra state.
  • Fee waiver is subject to the following conditions :- Regular attendance, satisfactory progress, good conduct, the principal reserves the right to withdraw the fee waiver if the student is found not complying with this rule.

(Note : There are other government fee concessions. You should inform the office regarding the concessions you are aware of and you will be given all kinds of assistance.)